Ultraflex hydraulic oil 1lt

This nautical oil, gives life to the engine and the different components of the boat, is essential for the proper functioning with their respective maintenance in all boats. In the nautical boats, only this type of oil should be used, because they have less range of temperature, and for having other specific characteristics for this type of boats, as they are the anticorrosive one, the elimination of the accumulations of the minerals in the motor, giving a longer life to the motor of the boat.

Ultraflex 1lt hydraulic oil is a lubricating oil for 2-stroke outboard engines and is formulated with the best basic components and with excellent dispersant and anti-wear additives.

For what type of boat

This oil is recommended for boats with outboard motors, high performance sports boats, chainsaws, chainsaws, light plant equipment, among others.



For its formula, and for its rapid mixing, and dilution in gasoline, improving noticeably, creating fuel savings.

Gives long engine life.

Provides excellent cleanliness, and avoids the premature deterioration of the rings.

Improves pre-ignition cleanliness.

Prevents harmful residues from being deposited in the combustion system.

Recommendations for use

This oil should be used 1 liter of lubricant for every 50 liters of gasoline.

This ultraflex 1lt hydraulic oil is conditioned for boats with out-of-board engines, or nautical motorcycles among others. Validated for automatic mixing or manual mixing. It is an oil that combines high performance uses oils based on a clean combustion together with excellent additives without ashes. This oily lubricant has achieved the approval of sequences and all the tests that have been established, which has been rigorously complied with. It is one of the most recommended oils for nautical boats.

For being used for outboard engines, and to perform a function of cleaning and prevent dirt in the deposits, in the spark plugs, in the blockage of the exhaust and prevent the formation of rust.

This is an oil, which gives performance and is used to give a clean combustion without additives and free of ashes, and has a great advantage that mixes very easily with gasoline regardless of the degrees.

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