Absolute 56 for rent in Ibiza

There is nothing better than spending a few days or an afternoon with your family in the water, where your children can swim, fish or simply play and share with the family in an incredible environment.

With this in mind, we’ve looked for an incredible model of boat that you’re sure to want to use and won’t regret: Absolute 56.

But where can you get it? Whether you want to rent at Barracuda Ibiza not only will you see this model of yacht, but you will get it at the most competitive prices and we assure you that as each of our boats meets the highest and strictest standards of quality and comfort.

If you don’t believe us, just read everything our Absolute 56 has to offer and don’t hesitate to leave us an e-mail address so you can get more information.

Absolute 56

Things you should know about the Absolute 56.

Absolute 56 yacht to rent – How is it?

It is a luxury motor yacht, with great finishes. In addition, there are other models of yachts, such as the Absolute 56 FLY. Its year of manufacture is 2015 and it is made of fibreglass material.

Dimensions of the yacht.

It has a length of sixteen metres with forty-five centimetres and a beam of four metres with sixty-five centimetres. It also has a draught of one metre and thirty centimetres. All this allows a displacement of more than 19 tons.

Thus, it can accommodate 8 people in three double cabins. However, it can accommodate more if it is temporary, in fact, they are twelve the maximum.

Number of cabins.

In total there are three rooms or double cabins; a double room with large windows and two rooms equipped with bunk beds, giving a total of 6 occupants for the night. In addition, the double room has its own bathroom and the others with a common bathroom.

In addition to including these three cabins, it has a separate tax cabin. In addition, there is a tank with a capacity of 560 liters of drinking water to supply the rooms.

Engine technical data.

The number of engines that the boat has is two and has a capacity to store 1.7 tons of fuel, ie 1,700 liters.

However, when talking about the first engine you should know that it is considered the Intraborda type, which uses diesel fuel and its brand is Volvo Penta 435 ph D6 IPS600.

This allows an engine performance of 520 hours. The second engine is of the inboard type, also uses diesel fuel and belongs to the same make of engine. In addition, it has an optimum performance of 520 engine hours.

Both engines have a power of 1305 hp.

Extras included.

Plasma television.


Solarium for stern and bow.

A hydraulic footbridge.

Ceramic hob.

Natural ice machine.

Black water tank.

Complete deck equipment.

A bathing ladder.

Air conditioning and heating system for each cabin and cabin.

Coffee machine.

Satellite tv system.

Blu Ray players in each room.

Now that you’ve met the luxury yacht Absolute 56, tell us what do you think? Do we sail on it? Would you take your family to spend some wonderful hours or an unforgettable night with your partner ? And if you’ve already been to one, tell us what it was like!

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